Mobile Websites

7801409_s-2Mobile Phones are  not the future… they are NOW!

According to Google, 68 percent of mobile searchers look up  maps to businesses, 61 percent of local mobile searches result in a phone call, and 59 percent of mobile users regularly interact with businesses via social media.

How is mobile different?

The biggest difference is in how users engage with mobile marketing compared to how they engage with regular online marketing.

A stunning 90 percent of mobile searchers take action within one day. A more stunning 70 percent of mobile searchers take action within one hour.

Did you know that the two most common actions after a mobile search are a phone call and a map look-up? Yep, true story.

Mobile produces calls. Nielsen recently said that 73 percent of mobile searchers call a business as a result of their search. Wow.

And getting all of these calls is a good thing. Phone calls are the highest value leads most businesses receive. Our own data shows that inbound phone calls are 15 times more likely to convert to customers than an inbound Web lead that downloaded a white paper or ebook.

Calls are awesome and with mobile you will be getting a lot of them.

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